Private Fees Guide

Advance Dental Care


Consultations & Diagnosis  
General Adult Examination (Includes X-rays)£35 
General Children Examination (Includes X-rays)£20 
Orthodontic Consultation*£20 
Endodontic Consultation*£50 
Periodontal Consultation*£120 
Implant Consultation*£20 
Facial Aesthetic Consultation*£20 
Emergency Appointment (Prescription/Advice/Temp Fill) + (PLUS any Treatment Costs if definitive treatment carried out)£50 
Dental Hygiene  
Hygiene Session (with Hygienist)£55 per 30-minute Session 
Hygiene Session (with Dentist)£65 per 30-minute Session 
Gum (Periodontal Treatment) – Includes 6PPC & Quadrant Cleaning with Hygienist£160 per 1 Hour Session 
Temporary Filling£50 
Fissure Sealants£50 



Glass Ionomer

£90 – £210

£70 – £150

£50 – £150

Standard Extraction£95 
Difficult Surgical Extraction£170 
Wisdom Surgical Extraction£220 
Root Canal Treatment  
 General DentistEndodontist (Dr Antonio)
Incisor / CanineAsk Dentist£350
PremolarAsk Dentist£400
MolarAsk Dentist£450
Re-Root CanalAsk DentistAdd £50
Post & CoreAsk DentistAdd £100
Periodontal (Gum) Treatment  
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment£250-£400 Per Quadrant 
Surgical Periodontal TreatmentFrom £500 Per Quadrant 
Site Specific Periodontal TreatmentPrices given after Consultation 
Gum Contouring£750 
Crown Lengthening (Depending on number of teeth)From £400-£1200 
Gum GraftingFrom £750 
Regeneration Tissue TherapyFrom £750 
Bio-Materials Additional TreatmentCosts Per Usage 
Crowns / Bridges / Veneers  

Metal                                            £510

Tooth-Coloured PFM                  £550

Tooth-Coloured (Metal-Free)     £620

Gold                                              £750



Conventional Bridge

Maryland Bridge


£500 per Unit

£400 per Unit

VeneersComposite                  £300 per Unit E-max                          £550 per Unit 
Dentures & Mouth Guardas  

Acrylic Denture

1-3 Teeth

4-7 Teeth

8+ Teeth





Full Upper or Full Lower Denture£850 
Flexi DentureFrom £650 per arch 
Metal (Cobalt Chrome) DentureFrom £720 per arch 
Immediate Denture£300 

Denture Repair

With Impression


+ £30

Denture Tooth Addition£70 One Tooth + £30 Per Additional Tooth 
Denture Reline£160 
Night Guard£140 
Mouth/Sports Guard£140 
Tooth Whitening  
Home Kit (BOUTIQUE WHITENING) 4 gels & Trays included£295 
In-surgery Zoom whitening£450 
Top-up Gels£20 each 
Internal Bleaching (Includes Home Kit)£300 
White Spot Treatment (ICON)£100 per tooth 
Dental Implants  
ImplantFrom £1200 
Implant CrownFrom £800 
Facial Aesthetics (Anti-Wrinkle Injections)  
Botox (Forehead / Frown Lines / Crow’s Feet)

1 Area            £150

2 Areas         £240

3 Areas         £300

Dermal Fillers£300 per area